I'm the guy to the right of the photo...and self taught programmer. I seek to generate change in the world around me. Towards the end of High School, I realized that I was passionate about Software Engineering and Education. It was then that I started the first Computer Science club at my school. Upon graduating, I was offered a position to teach AP Computer Science through TEALS, a Microsoft Philanthropy. Helping other people through what I create has always been something I have cared about.


House Squire 🏡
A web app that streamlines the way issues and announcements are handled in shared housing situations.
Feedback.me 📘📱
An iOS app that compliments our web platform, making feedback even more convenient to give and receive.
Course Board 💡
A web app that makes signing up for classes seamless, and allows students to view their competencies.
Blaze 🚴📱
An iOS app that makes biking in the city a little less dreadful, and you, a little more prepared for the ride.



  • 2016.11.29

    Medium Integration coming soon...

  • 2016.11.29

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